Is your Tendering Process achieving results?


The Tender process is a Cornerstone function of many businesses, whether you are the Client or the Contractor. It is fundamental to business success that works are being undertaken and completed at the correct price, time and to the required standard.

Are you satisfied that you have:
• The Correct Contract Structure
• The Correct Attributes
• The Correct submitted or received the best tender price
• The Correct Tender Evaluation Process?
• Have you explored all the possibilities to ensure you have the best tender?

Services available include the following:
• Tender cost review
• Tender evaluation assistance
• Risk and Contingency calculation assistance Business risk reviews
• Margin and overhead calculation
• Escalation strategy including equation preparation or calculation of amount
• Opportunity workshops

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EDSR staff come from varied backgrounds, however the one thing we all have in common is extensive experience and Quality Networks. Whether it be Material, Physical or Human resource you need, contact us. If we do not have what you need we will find it for you. We pride ourselves on being able to provide customer specific solutions to ensure your project or business stays on target.