ARM Controls Management

Active Risk Manager (ARM) Controls Management provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to address a wide range of control needs.

ARM Controls Management will support external financial controls compliance requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, through to more comprehensive enterprise-wide risk and control frameworks involving Information Technology, Human Resources, Health & Safety and Quality Management.


ARM for Project Risk

How well do you know the cost, schedule and technical risks that could affect your project? It is a known fact that most projects are not delivered on time or to budget.

When a project schedule goes off-track, costs increase and quality often decreases as well. Active Risk Manager is the proven solution to help your project stay on track.


ARM Lite

Active Risk Manager (ARM) makes it affordable and simple to involve more people in the risk process. ARM software delivers the broadest range of risk management capabilities with varied access options to suit the needs of novice and occasional users through to risk professionals.

ARM Lite: A New Simplified User-Type


ARM Overview – Introduction to Active Risk Manager

How can I identify and manage the key risks which could have the greatest impact
on my organization and optimize my allocation of resources accordingly?
Can we risk-adjust our business plans to give more certainty to our forecasts?
How can we spot opportunities and share best practice to make sure they are fully exploited?
Can we quantify and aggregate risks to calculate our net financial exposure?
Can we share project and program risks with partners in a safe and secure way?
How can we win more business – by demonstrating a better understanding of risk?


Audit Management Solution

Active Risk Manager Audit Management Solution (ARM AMS) provides a complete set of capabilities to support the planning, resourcing, fieldwork and reporting needs of corporate audit and quality management departments. AMS can be used either standalone or integrated with the full ARM risk management solution.



The Collaborative Workshop Solution (CWS) from Active Risk (formerly Strategic Thought Group) solves the problem of capturing risk and opportunity information at source. This is vital to give management complete visibility of key risks and reward opportunities.

Decisions can be taken based on the true picture, be that from a project or program, at a portfolio or business unit level – or indeed across the whole enterprise.


ARM Product Capability Diagram